It seems to be a common theme for travellers to explore all ends of the earth when they haven’t even made a dent in their own country. This is why I’m always grateful for a visit from extended family or backpackers that I’ve met travelling. When I show them the sights of Sydney, their eyes dart open and a look of astonishment crosses their face. Seeing them completely immersed in the views that Sydney has to offer helps me see my city as if I was a tourist myself.

It is this appreciation that I hold onto when I am home, in between travels. I was often restless and impatient when in Sydney, waiting for the next trip out of there! Now I treasure the alluring views and the quirky wildlife and treat it as a holiday from a holiday. Also, let’s be real here; Sydney Australia – the world renowned tourist destination – isn’t a bad place to come home to!

So when I was invited to Olive and Grain’s Launch in Dover Heights, I couldn’t wait for sunset views over darling harbour to make me appreciate how beautiful Sydney really is. Oh and the flavoursome food and bottomless champagne was just a little tempting as well! 😉

Having heard we’d be dining al fresco, my +1 and I arrived in pastels and florals; perfect attire for a garden party! As we stepped out to the backyard, we chatted to the other bloggers while we all simultaneously eyed up the feast of handmade platters and graze boards before us.

The spread boasted charcuterie boards with all the trimmings and cheese platters that were dressed to impress with everything from a smoky Dutch to an Australian blue cheese. Decorated with floral arrangements and polished glassware; the dining space that was created was extremely inviting and set the mood for an enjoyable afternoon.

It was funny to see the comparison before and after a group of foodies had eaten dinner! At the start of the evening, I almost didn’t want to touch the perfectly presented truffle salami and individually rolled pieces of prosciutto. Not even a grape was out of place on the table. Moments later, scattered crumbs and olive pits had replaced the carefully arranged dishes. We just couldn’t hold back!

As the night winded down, I left the party with new friends and a new outlook on my home city. I also, most importantly, left with the accomplishment that I had eaten my weight in cheese.