As winter comes to a close, I have been reflecting on how different Sydney is when the temperature drops. Some cities are built for sun and sand so when it rains, the locals have nothing to do except sit inside all day. Fortunately, Sydney has the best of both worlds. The pub scene blows up, weather caters to winter sports, and the tourists are kept at bay. It’s the perfect amount of busy.

Being the outdoorsy type, I take it as an as an opportunity to try new things when winter hits. Here’s what I get up to over a typical Winter in Sydney.

Indulge in the winter menus at bars and pubs. Dark ales, mulled wine and espresso martinis please!

Start a new hobby; last year I did pottery and this year I frequented a terrarium class. I was a full blown plant mama!

There’s still plenty of sunny days in winter that allow for outdoor activities and long strolls around your neighbourhood. Christmas in July vibes!

Glebe markets are always open rain, hail or shine. A lot of Sydneysiders escape the winter and head to Europe around this time of year so you can often get some bargains from people selling their clothes last minute.

Find the best local bakeries and cafes; anything to keep me warm!

-Jen Antipodean.