Exotic range of hairstyles: The other day I saw a man with a mullet and dreadlocks at the same time. It brought a bogan tear to my eye.

Alcohol laws are much more relaxed: Bottle shop workers don’t check ID as much as the east coast so you can start your quarter life crisis earlier wondering whether you have aged since moving here.

More opportunities to master your ‘token aussie talk’: Living in a hostel as an Aussie allows you to add more layers to the drop bear series and convince internationals that you used to ride kangaroos to school.

Exotic Indian Ocean views with complimentary slap in the face from sand when the wind changes.

Confidence boost when being told β€œyou’re a good sort” by lonely FIFO man who hasn’t seen a female in 3 weeks.

Multicultural: No need to leave the country, Perth is packed with an abundance of Irish, English and Kiwis fulfilling their life long dream of working in poor mining conditions.

Employment opportunities at a world renowned TAB sports bar: It offers $5 pints, an ideal location for a punt, no windows (bonus OH&S insurance claim) and a routine check from concerned customers asking if you’re still single.

Perth is two hours drive from the meth capital of Australia.

Being an alcoholic has never been cheaper: The bar you work at is so old school that you can help yourself to a pint any time of the day. Bonus: You will still look like less of an alcoholic compared to old mate John who has been slumped over the bar sipping bush chooks since 10am.

Accepting working class boss: Will laugh along with you when you tell him you’re either hungover or still drunk when you rock up to work in the morning.


Bogan = white trash/ chav
FIFO= Fly in/ Fly Out workers (work in mines full time for 3 weeks and then fly home for 1 week off)