After a day trip to Manchester, I boarded the train back to Liverpool. I entered a carriage of corporate commuters, a conductor checking tickets and a group of Scouse women dressed up for a night out.

As the train set off, the women started their pre-drinks. One lady struggled to open a champagne bottle and the following conversation happened. It just highlights why I love Liverpool so much and the true nature of Scousers!

Lady: “here yaaaa, are there any lads round that can owpen this heyre”

Conductor: “All right, give it over ‘ere. You ready everybody?”

*People on the train look up from newspapers and turn to see*

*Conductor pops cork off bottle*

Whole train (really loud): “Weyyyyy!!!”

Lady: “Thanks laaa, heyre yar, dya wanna glass ay?”

Conductor: “You know me girl, I wish I could but I’m werkhin”

Whole group of ladies drinking: “Go on!! No one will know. Quick, quick! We’ll cover for you”

Conductor: “How about if it’s still there by the end of the line at Lime Street, then I’ll join you”

Ladies: “Mate you’ll be lucky to get a sip by the next stop!”

Key: Scouse = someone from Liverpool

-By Antipodean Jen.