My Summer of the siesta was amazing! Not only did I immerse myself in Barcelona’s culture, I immersed my taste buds in some sensational Spanish cuisine.

Sangria and paella.. I just had to go full tourist!


I browsed the famous La Boqueria Markets and found fresh oysters. I decided to try my very first oyster with a slice of lemon. It tasted like I got dumped by a massive, salty wave! Later that night, I decided to go for a walk to cure my food coma from the markets. Amazingly, I stumbled upon an impromptu swing dance class in the middle of the street!

The next day I went on a guided tour of the city. As I was walking along I noticed an intoxicating smell. Our tour group shared my curiousity in wanting to find out what the amazing smell was. We followed the smell through alleyways and stumbled through side streets until we turned a corner to find charcoal chicken! This authentic street food tasted like heaven, especially as I was eating copious amounts of tapas and Spanish wine every day. It was a nice change!

-By Jen Antipodean.